A Five-Element Journey: Come Ride Windhorse in Magnificent Mongolia

Trip is open to anyone wanting an adventure!

Worsley Institute Trip Leader:
Randi Savage

Worsley Five-Element Consultant:
Judy Worsley

30 PDA's & CA/FL CEU's

DATE: August 25 - September 12, 2014


Mongolia is one of the last places on earth where much of the natural environment is untouched, a place where Nomadic people live in accordance with nature.


The Mongolian people use the word "tegsh" to describe their way of life: living your life in balance with the world of nature and human society.


When we have respect for all human, animal, and plant life, the world will be in balance. When we live this way, it maximizes our inner power and spirit, called Windhourse or hiimori. Windhorse is the energy that naturally arises when we align ourselves with heaven and earth, let go of fixation, and expand our awareness. When we connect our body, heart and mind, we automatically feel a sense of confidence, a quality of being synchronized with reality: Windhorse


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