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Donate to the Worsley Institute

Donate to Worsley Institute

When you give a donation, whether it’s one time or recurring, every dollar goes towards supporting overhead, core services, development, promotion and more. We function primarily as a volunteer organization. Your contributions make a significant difference. Please give generously. Thank you!

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To make a monthly or one-time donation via check, credit card, automatic withdrawal, or paypal balance


Monthly Donations

Recurring monthly donations give us a stable base from which to plan our work and projects. Of course, you may stop making payments, increase or decrease your monthly donation, or change your payment plan at any time. For more information, please contact the Worsley Institute.

One-time Donations

We appreciate your one-time donations. They greatly contribute to our work, often giving us an opportunity to accomplish projects such as editing videos of Professor Worsley teaching or developing the online book Spirit of the Points by J.R. and J.B. Worsley.

Planned Giving

Making a Planned Giving Bequest to the Worsley Institute provides support to J.R. Worsley’s legacy and ensuring the availability of this medicine for generations to come. With that in mind we hope that you are inspired to consider Planned Giving options.

If you do not have a Will be aware that local laws will dictate what happens to your assets and with some foresight you might prefer a financial plan which provides not only for your loved ones but for your chance to make the kind of differences in the world that are important to you. One way is to make a gift in the form of a Bequest through cash gifts, securities, real estate or any tangible personal property.

Kindly contact the Worsley Institute and let us know of your wishes and we will work with you in a time frame with which you are comfortable i.e. quickly or more slowly. Please feel free to email us at any time.


To Contact Us:

Worsley Institute

2330 NW Flanders St., Suite 101; Portland, OR 97210

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