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Professor JR Worsley’s (“JR”) teachings are rooted in Natural Order and are a continuum of an oral tradition which is thousands of years old. These teachings were passed on to him by his revered Masters, who, in turn, appointed him as “Master”.  JR’s intention was to transmit this tradition, in the same manner as he was inculcated into it, to future generations.  JR was joined in this mission by his wife, Judy. Together, they worked incessantly toward preserving the purity of the teachings and the lineage of Worsley Classical Five-Element Acupuncture™️. It remains as profound and relevant a medicine today as it has been for millennia because of their tireless efforts.

With the goal of continuity of this unadulterated lineage being passed on, in 1997, JR and Judy established the Worsley Institute (WI), the only organisation including all schools and training programs, that JR gave authority to represent him. The WI hosts the Worsley Master Apprentice Program℠ (MAP℠).  

Since JR died in 2003, Judy has continued to uphold JR’s legacy as the one he chose to succeed him as “Master” of the lineage and as a teacher of the laws of Natural Order.

MAP is the place for dedicated Worsley Classical Five-Element Practitioners to get together, learn, and deepen their clarity within the practice of WCF-EA. MAP is always a retreat gathering in a place of natural beauty where there is an opportunity to have fun and a meaningful time together while also forging a strong community. 

MAP is by invitation only. Those invited to participate are experienced practitioners dedicated to ongoing study, growth, and development. Exceptional applications are also accepted for review from practitioners who are interested and committed to apprenticing in this manner. Please contact if you would like to be considered for our next enrollment. 

MAP is an avenue for practitioners to hone themselves as instruments of nature. You will be surrounded by dedicated practitioners such as yourself and working as a group to evolve. You will be supported by a leadership team comprised of Judy Worsley with additional support from David Berkshire, Eric Hartmann, and a Worsley Institute coaching team.

Our vision of MAP is a place for each practitioner to discover the power of practicing Worsley Classical Five-Element Acupuncture authentically, truly aWay of Life” (JR).

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