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Video Archive

These video lectures are a wonderful opportunity to experience a man who dedicated his life to his work as a practitioner and teacher, and whose dying wish was that the integrity of this system of medicine be preserved.

These lectures will give you an insight into the teachings of Worsley Five-Element Acupuncture and provide a stimulus for you to join the many exciting training opportunities we promote around the world. 

Please feel free to watch all the films at your discretion however we do suggest watching them in the presented order to give the best understanding of the material.

To watch all the videos listed below, please login to the members area and enter the Worsley Video Archive.

J.R. Worsley Videos

J.R. Worsley: A Public Talk in Seattle
J.R. Worsley: Ch’i Energy and the Cause of Disease
J.R. Worsley: Five Element Cycles
J.R. Worsley: Law of Mother/Child
J.R. Worsley: Law of Midday/Midnight
J.R. Worsley: Law of Husband Wife
J.R. Worsley: Law of Cure
J.R. Worsley: The Causative Factor
J.R. Worsley: Wood Element
J.R. Worsley: Wood Officials
J.R. Worsley: Uniqueness of the Individual
J.R. Worsley: Source and Junction Points
J.R. Worsley: Tonification and Sedation Points
J.R. Worsley: CSOE

Point Location Videos

The Worsley Institute is pleased to present these video presentations demonstrating the location of the shoulder and sacral points. We believe you will be pleased with this clear, easy-to-follow presentation by Hilary Skellon, MAP™ Coach and Director of the Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture, and Diane Mccormick.

Hilary Skellon: Location of Shoulder Points
Diane Mccormick: Location of Sacral Points
Hilary Skellon: Location of IX 1 & IX 2
Hilary Skellon: Location of XII 21
Hilary Skellon: Location of IV 22 – IV 27
Hilary Skellon: Location of XI 32

Video Archive

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