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Worsley Classical Five-Element Acupunctureᵀᴹ

Five-Element Worsley Acupuncture
The Mission of the Worsley Institute is to protect, preserve and promote the lineage and teachings of Professor J.R. Worsley.
Worsley Classical Five-Element Acupuncture, rooted in ancient wisdom and adapted by Professor J.R. Worsley for the modern world, is an effective and unique system of medicine that diagnoses and treats the cause of disease.  The ancients observed how the fundamental elements of creation, wood, fire, earth, metal and water, create life’s natural mysterious order. When these five elements manifest within us in a balanced and harmonious state, we experience health, well-being and the joy of being alive.
Professor Worsley realized that every human being has one true cause of disease. He called this unique, original and distinguishing discovery the Causative Factor (CFᵀᴹ). When the CF is diagnosed and treated, the cause of disease resolves and the symptoms signaling the imbalance disappear.
Worsley’s profound insight into spirit, how we can experience its presence within us, and his revolutionary discovery of the CF are the means by which Worsley Classical Five-Element Acupuncture diagnoses and treats the cause of the illnesses that arise when spirit is not fully integrated into our lives. This lack of integration causes great unhappiness, alienation and disease in the modern world. Worsley pioneered and devoted his life to teaching that, in most cases, the cause of physical, mental and spiritual distress in our modern times resides within us rather than in external circumstances. This style of acupuncture elegantly restores our balance and harmony and returns us to the health and well-being that is our natural right.
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